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nee adj : (meaning literally `born') used to indicate the maiden or family name of a married woman; "Hillary Clinton nee Rodham"

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Etymology 1

née, feminine of né, past participle of naître, to be born.

Alternative spellings


  • /niː/, also /neɪ/


  1. Used when giving the maiden name of a woman.
    Mrs Smith, nee Jones
  2. Used when giving a former name.
    Since the name change Butch (nee Frances) seems more tough and self-assured.
Usage notes
  • As it is not a naturalised word in English, nee is often italicised.
signifies maiden name of a woman
  • Czech: rozená
  • Finnish: omaa sukua, o.s.
  • French: née

Etymology 2

Possibly from ne.


  1. no, used to express no as a quantity, i.e. not any, like German kein/Dutch geen/French rien. Compare with na.
    Nee way man! (No way)
    Thor's nee watter! (There's no water)




  1. no

Usage notes

  • Nee is used to show disagreement or negation.
    Nee, je vergist je.: No, you are mistaken.
    Nee, je mag nu geen televisie kijken: No, you may not watch television now.
  • Nee has a formal form, neen, which is archaic in spoken language, but quite common in written language.

Extensive Definition

Nee may refer to:
  • Née is the French word - used in English - for "maiden name", literally meaning "born" in French (with the feminine final "e")
  • North East England (NEE), one of the nine official regions of England
  • Luis Née, (fl. 1789-1794) , a Franco-Spanish botanist, who accompanied the Malaspina to the Pacific coasts of North America and Australia
  • NEE (NO in Dutch), a political party in Flanders, Belgium
  • "Ne~e?", a 2003 single by Aya Matsuura
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